Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing solutions help the business reduce their capital expenditures by moving Infrastructure and Applications on to the Cloud Platforms .

IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT infrastructure Services help analyse the existing IT infrastructure used by the Businesses and provide road-maps for every technology with an eye on the companies overall strategy for the future.

Rack and Stack Colocation

KSM has a group of  trained data centre experts who will design the rack, mount your gear, wire your rack, verify high-availability configuration, and power up your equipment.

Web & Mobile App development

Every Business needs an Online presence and Web based applications to cater to their every growing business requirements. KSM is well versed and has a offshore development team which can cater to any Web and Mobile apps requirement.

Manpower Servicing

Our Recruiting Services can help solve a common  business problem of having the right people for the right tasks in an ever changing IT environment .


Getting your staff up to speed on our solutions capabilities is a key part of our implementation approach hence training and transfer of knowledge is a key to all our customer solutions .

KSM International

KSM International   started as a simple web and mobile app design and development service provider company in Sydney. Our aim was to provide various application development services to different clients around the world. Working with customers we found that small business wanted to minimise their capital expenditures on infrastructure and wanted focus on the critical business applications. This led KSM to align the company strategy to develop its skills on technology  platforms and services which would minimizes the capital expenditures for the customers .Hence we focussed our energies on moving towards cloud computing technologies which help our customers reduce costs and increase their competitive advantage in the market .

With a group of local consultants and an offshore developing arm we work on providing complete life cycle solutions and applications catered to the new cloud computing platforms.

KsmIntl can help you analyse your existing infrastructure and help the business migrate to a public cloud or work in a hybrid environment between your on premise and cloud provider.

We know what it takes to be competitive in today’s business landscape, and we have the resources needed to put your company on the map. At KSMintl , it is our personal endeavour to give you the customer an edge on the competition. We want to see you succeed.

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Why Choose Our Services

KSM International professionals are trained to understand the customer requirements and recommend solutions rather than the other way round . The Business solutions might range from providing services to migrate your entire Infrastructure into the cloud or it could be looking at solutions to move/replace critical applications with a Software as a solution Service. KSM teams are well versed to undertake infrastructure and application development projects for the customer . This mixture of Development and Operations professional is our core capability .

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